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The Garden

In our garden we grow many of the ingredients we use in our menus to guarantee fresh products in our offer.


Farmers and producers in Puerto Rico


The orchard

The Garden located in the Hato Nuevo neighborhood of Guaynabo is our designated space for planting and composting.


Guacabo Fruits

Frutos del Guacabo located in the Tierras Nuevas neighborhood of Manatí  make fresh, diverse products accessible while respecting quality 

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Josco Bravo

EL Josco Bravo located in the Piñas neighborhood of Toa Alta is a great reference for agriculture and agroecological products in

Puerto Rico


Alfajores Chasquis

Pilar's alfajores have been present on our menus and in each of the activities, always with the same consistency and quality.  


Vaca Negra 

Vaca Negra located in the Cañizares neighborhood of Hatillo are innovation and quality in aged cheeses, referring to their cheeses with names of the neighborhoods or sectors of Hatillo allow us to provide ideal selections for bacados and wine pareos



Lucia goat cheeses located in the Mango de Juncos neighborhood produce a quality cheese, balanced and perfect for creating recipes to replace regular cheese.

New town

Pueblo Nuevo located in the Hato Viejo neighborhood of Ciales, they work the land respecting the principles of agroecology and diversity in planting, giving prominence to proper management  and respecting quality. 


Irizarry Meat

Irizarry Meat located in the Jobos neighborhood of Isabela, with great knowledge in handling lambs, chickens, rabbits and fish, Chemi brings us the best quality available in seasonal meats


Guare Apiary

Guare Apiary located in the Cerro Gordo neighborhood of San Lorenzo

 they collaborate with raw honey of great flavor, respecting the properties of honey  and educating in a way  responsible use and consumption. 

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